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  • Support FAQ

    Q. When I go to my site it shows an error
    Your site has expired. every site is set up for exactly 365 days a year. If you choose not to renew your website after the 365 days it will actomatically be shut down. To get your site back up please contact our Administration department at 888-768-6822 and renew.

    Q. How do I get to my e-mail?
    There are two ways. Either got to OR and click on "E-mail Login" on the left side menu.

    Q. How do I get to the page to edit my website?
    All you need to do is go to www.yourdomain/cms. This will allow you to get to the backend of your site and edit your content.
    Q. I went to edit one of my articles and when I pushed update it didn't show on the website.
    In order to have your website updated you need to click "Click here to LINK from Menu " and "Click here if this article is ready to be seen by the world! ". These both have to be clicked in order for the page to show in the menu of your website.

    Q. My deleted e-mails don't delete. They just show the e-mail with a line through it?
    After you push "delete" you will also have to click on "purge deleted" in order to get them to delete completely.

    Q. My e-mail attachments come in as a ZIP file. Why?
    The e-mail program that we use compresses the file so that your inbox doesn't fill up as fast. We cannot change this. You can always use a 3rd e-mail client such as Outlook Or Mac Mail.

    Q. My Quick Quotes aren't coming through?
    Please call our web department at 888-768-6822 ex:100 to resolve this problem.

    Q. My website isn't showing up in Google. Why?
    There are a number of reasons why your website might not be ranking well. Please download our Website Marketing Whitepaper to help gain more presence on Google.

    Q. My website doesn't seem optimized because I am not #1 on Google. Why?
    We target optimize your site for your area of service. This optimization doesn't necessarily mean that you will show up #1 on Google. You have to put in your own efforts to make your site more visible online. Linking your site on other sites will significantly help you. For a list of directories and marketing tips please e-mail our Marketing/Web department at


Call Us Today For Specials! Toll Free: 888-768-6822