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Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Why is it better to go through Rotovac for a website when I could just hire someone to do it for me?

This is probably the most frequently asked question. Rotovac gives you complete control over your website. Many web design companies and freelance web designers will charge you anywhere from $30-$120 an hour for their design services! With Rotovac you can have your website up and running in less than a day and you will be spending about $83/month for the first year and then only $19.95/month every year thereafter saving you hundreds of dollars!

Rotovac allows you to customize and change your content whenever you want without having to pay someone to do it for you. We also provide you with the marketing tools that you will need to have a successful business. We have a full time web support , to assist you with any of your needs whether it be color scheme changes, technical problems or just information about how to gain better presence on the web.

Q - Can I Customize my website if I don't like the template that is provided?

You can change the color scheme, header and background image by contacting . He will be the only one who can make those kinds of changes to your site. We offer 2 hours* of customization per website. Each hour after that will be billed accordingly.

Q - Will I get any information or support if I run into problems with my website?

Yes! Our web support here at Rotovac. He can assist you with any problems that you may have regarding your website including marketing tips, optimization tips and full technical support.

Q - How would geographical areas be defined (if there is more than one carpet cleaning website in my area)?

It is inevitable that there will be more than one company in your area with a website. There may be overlaps in service areas, this is all part of competition. The key is being the first to market and gaining your market share before your competitors catch on.

Q - What is the hosting cost after the first year (ie, years 2, 3, etc)?

Your first year of hosting is included in the $995.00 setup fee. Subsequent years are billed annually at $240.00, which works out to $19.95 per month.

Q - Is My Website Search Engine Optimized?

Your Rotovac Marketing Website is search engine optimized to drive local business to your site. Today more and more people are searching the internet - instead of the yellow pages - to shop for products and services such as professional carpet cleaning. When someone searches for a carpet cleaner in your local area, your customized Rotovac Marketing Website is target optimized which will bring you new business and profits.

Q - How can I promote my website?

Your website can be promoted on your business cards, advertising, or sales presentations to effectively assist you to land any new account. Our Webmaster can customize your site with your company name and contact information, along with the special services you want to advertise.

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